Xera: Using Facets

Facets are administrator-defined categories that are built upon data in the document collection to help focus your search. Facets give you an easy way to find information without complex searches, and immediately show additional insight into key document details that you might want to review, such as domains, e-mail senders, relevant dates, document types, etc.
Facets are shown as follows:
In the image above, there are 3 facets: From, Document Type, and Custodian. Each facet shows additional values taken from the facet categories, which are specific fields in the database. The number of times the value is found in the search results is shown by the facet count. 10 facet values are shown for each facet; the complete facet value listing can be viewed by clicking More at the bottom of the Facet section. You can revert to the listing of 10 values by clicking Hide at the bottom of the Facet section.
*NoteDate fields converted to facets are organized by year, and listed by month. Numeric fields converted to facets are grouped into a range.
Once a search has been run, the facet values are updated to indicate counts that are within the search results. These selections are retained as you continue to refine your searches. Facet selections are automatically saved with saved searches, however, you will not see your selections listed with the search terms, and you cannot combine saved searches that contain facets.

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