Xera: Searching for Relevant Documents

Searching for Relevant Documents
In XERA, you can search in a number of different ways, and then combine these search methods to retrieve relevant documents:
*Quick Search: Use the Quick Search box to run basic searches (such as a word or a phrase). Searches entered here are single searches by default, but you can change the search operator to suit your needs.
*FacetsOnce you have run a search, facet values for that search result are updated. You can further filter documents by facet values.
*FiltersQuickly search for data in a particular field using filters.
*Custom searches: Use the Custom search form to perform complex searching, retrieve saved searches, and searches run during your current session.
*Xmplar (Conceptual Search): Retrieve conceptually similar documents by building and using a customized, ideal document.
Once you have submitted search criteria, you can easily review and revise your search terms and criteria since these items are listed beneath the Quick Search box. The search results are also ranked in the Table View.
Search Tips  
The basic search and advanced search features in XERA offer you powerful ways of searching for the data you need. keep these items in mind when searching:
*Start with short queries.
*Confirm you are getting expected results, then combine the queries in Search History to meet more specific objectives.
Long individual queries and queries that contain more than two wildcards are resource intensive and will take longer to complete than short queries combined in Search History. An individual query with more than 256 search terms is not permitted, but your admin should be able to automate this kind of query from the ‘back-end’.

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