Xera: Do I Need to Update JAVA?

Java controls several features in Xera. There are several warning signs to look for that will let you know you need to update.

Printing: If you find the print box is stuck at ‘initializing’, you should update. Image Rendering: If the database does not even attempt to render a native to image, update. Annotations/Redactions: If the image appears, but the redaction tools do not work, try updating Java.

Keep in mind that Java, like any other computer program, can bug out or even become corrupt. If things were working fine and then suddenly had issues, restarting your computer will generally resolve it. If it does not, a full Java re-install may be required.

In some versions of windows, the web browser will ask permission for Java to run. The application will take no action until you accept (making the application seem unresponsive). Accepting and choosing the ‘always trust this application’ option will resolve the issue in the future. In most cases, Java will update itself automatically. If you need to update go to www.java.com and click on the Free Java Download button on the center of the page. On the next page, Agree and Start Free Download.


This will download an installer application to your computer. Run the program, but be sure to uncheck the following box:

Java II


 This is an optional bundle they include with the install program, and you probably don’t want it.

Once the install finishes, close all open browser windows and then try to re-launch Xera.

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