Xera: Creating an Xmplar Document

An Xmplar document contains sections of text (paragraphs and sentences) that conveys ideas you want to find. This ideal document enables you to retrieve conceptually similar documents.
For ease of use, you can create an Xmplar document in Table View and Document View. Since this document contains sections of text, you may want to consider creating it in Document View so that you can copy and paste key issues and concepts directly into the Xmplar document.
*NoteYou can create a maximum of 32 sections in one document.
To create a document:
1. In Table View or in Document View (on the Text View toolbar), click Xmplar .
The Xmplar section opens.
2. Click New.
The Name line in the grid opens.
3. Type a descriptive name for the document in the Name column.
4. Indicate if this document will be personal by checking the Personal check box. A personal document cannot be changed to a public one.
*TipKeeping a document public allows other team members to add and edit the document, assisting in project collaboration and review consistency.
5. Select the newly-created document name in the grid, and then click Details.
The details section opens.
6. Click New to create a section for this document.
A new section opens for editing.
7. Type or copy and paste conceptual information into the section (maximum 2000 characters). Once the information has been added, it is automatically saved.
*TipRather than typing one or two terms into a section, consider adding sentences that convey a similar idea.
8. Add as many sections as necessary for the document. You can create up to 32 sections in your document.
*NoteCreated sections are automatically selected in the document, so when you run a search all items that are conceptually similar will be retrieved.
Once you have run an Xmplar search, you can refine your search by disabling one or more sections in your document, or deleting it altogether.
To disable or delete a section:
1. In Xmplar, select the document name in the grid, and then click Details.
The details section opens.
2. Select the section that you want to disable or delete, and then do the following:
*To disable a section, clear the check box for that section.
*To delete a section, clear the check box for that section, check the check box, and then click Delete.

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