What’s a LST File?

A LST file is pretty simple.

The function of an LST varies from use to use but very often in litigation support it is used for imports in databases. LST’s are plain text files which can be both viewed and edited with a text editor such as NotePad, TextPad, EditPad PRO, etc.  Below is a basic example of what a LST might look like.



Notice the at the beginning of the first string we have the file name “ENRON-001249” followed by the path “\VOLUME003\OCR\” to indicate where to point to in order to view “ENRON-001249.TXT”. The comma at the end file name “ENRON-001249” is used as a delimiter to seperate the path. This prevents confusion from the end of the TXT name to the beginning of the path. Now is this what every  LST file will look like? Not exactly. In the example above a string in the LST can easily become more lengthy with a bigger path. This also includes a much longer list of TXT depending on how many files will be exported in our LST. But in its most basic form this is what a LST often looks like .

If you need a hand working through one, send a comment below.

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