e-Filing in Florida Courts

  • Log-in to E-Portal (must have attorney log-ins) at https://www.myflcourtaccess.com/
  • Next screen you are going to put in the county and case number. Click next after you have located you case.
  • The following screen will have every party involved in the case listed. Verify that all parties are correct and that you are on the correct case.
  • The Next screen you are going to select from a drop down which kind of document/pleading you are filing with the court.
  •  You are then going to upload the document after selecting type in the drop down bar.
  • The next screen is the Service List screen.
    • This screen has every firm or attorney that has ever filed anything on this case with the courts.
    • If you leave the boxes checked then the courts will serve each one of the attorneys you selected for you.
    • Once you are satisfied with who you want served on the Service List then click Next. This list is only to serve attorneys.
  • The next screen is the fees screen. You will review the fees and enter your Credit Card number. Then click next.
  • You have finally made it to the end of uploading to one case in the Florida e-portal. Review everything and hit Submit. Once you hit submit you will receive and email confirming the filing.
  • Congrats you have done your first filing in the Florida courts.

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