Batch Flatten Layers on Multiple PDF’s

  1. Open up Adobe Acrobat 9 (without opening an existing PDF)
  2. Go to Advanced -> Document Processing -> Batch Processing

Pic 1 FB

3. Select New Sequence…

Pic 2 FB

4. Name the New sequence whatever you’d like. I named this Flatten PDFs.

Pic 3 FB

5. Click Ok then click Select Commands and select Flatten Layers then Add that to the selection           then click Ok.

Pic 4 FB

6. Then change options 2 and 3 to Ask When Sequence is Run and click Ok. You can change the output options if needed but the default settings should be fine.

Pic 5 FB

7. Next select the Sequence that was just made and click Run sequence.

Pic 6 FB

8. You will get a popup asking you your input folder and output folder. Once selected click Ok and the sequence will run.

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