Xera: Saving a Graph

Saving a Graph to the Project Dashboard You can save the displayed graph as a tile on the Project Dashboard to provide a summary of key data or review status. The saved graph is static; changes made to the graph after it has been saved will not be saved to […]

Xera: Charting with iView

Charting Data with iVIEW Charting data enables quick identification of important dates, documents, and custodians in the document collection; you can also use iVIEW to quickly map out how many documents are contained in each folder in the database. With iVIEW, you can focus on data relevant to your investigation, […]

Robocopy Primer

What is Robocopy? Robocopy is a command that is used at the command line to make copies of files and folders. It is also known as Robust File Copy. It comes with windows vista, but was also part of the windows resource kit. It was made to be used for […]

Xera: Searching Documents for Empty Fields

Empty fields in your XERA databases have no value. To capture empty fields in your search criteria, you can use the Empty Fields search option in the Custom search, or use the Empty Fields syntax. *If you are working on a SQL Server database, a NOT search on a Limited Text field […]

Xera: Creating an Xmplar Document

An Xmplar document contains sections of text (paragraphs and sentences) that conveys ideas you want to find. This ideal document enables you to retrieve conceptually similar documents. For ease of use, you can create an Xmplar document in Table View and Document View. Since this document contains sections of text, […]

Xera: Searching for Related Documents with Xemplar

Xmplar® enables you and other team members to create an ideal document to return all conceptually similar documents. Creating this type of document reduces the need to run multiple searches, as all related concepts are contained within a single document. The main steps for creating and searching for conceptually similar documents […]

Xera: Using Facets

Facets are administrator-defined categories that are built upon data in the document collection to help focus your search. Facets give you an easy way to find information without complex searches, and immediately show additional insight into key document details that you might want to review, such as domains, e-mail senders, […]

Xera: Searching for Relevant Documents

Searching for Relevant Documents In XERA, you can search in a number of different ways, and then combine these search methods to retrieve relevant documents: Quick Search: Use the Quick Search box to run basic searches (such as a word or a phrase). Searches entered here are single searches by default, […]