Xera: Mass Action Printing

Things to keep in mind with printing in Xera : 1) Printing is controlled by Java. If it is not installed, too far out of date, or does not have permission to run – you will encounter errors or odd behavior. 2) Databases can have multiple image keys – be […]

Xera: Do I Need to Update JAVA?

Java controls several features in Xera. There are several warning signs to look for that will let you know you need to update. Printing: If you find the print box is stuck at ‘initializing’, you should update. Image Rendering: If the database does not even attempt to render a native […]

Xera: View Customization

Depending on the database, what you feel is important, and the project you’re working on; there may be a good number of fields that are either blank or unnecessary for your purposes. These fields can be reorganized or removed entirely from your view at any point. This only affects your […]

Xera: Bulk Tagging and Review

The ability to bulk tag is a very powerful feature. In that same regard, it can also be very dangerous. Always be sure to check your search and document counts prior to finalizing a batch tagging command. On a technical level, there is really no difference between tags/folders on different […]

Xera: Field Edits

To edit a field in the database, you must first be in Document View, on the Text View tab. It is also generally advisable to customize your view and promote fields you intend to edit to the top, so you do not have to scroll down for them. Once you […]

Xera: Document Group Navigation and Coding

The document group feature is generally used to cluster family members together based on an attachbeg or attachrange field, but can be used to link any records with identical field content, such as a duplicate ID. If enabled in a database, the document groups feature can be found just over […]

e-Filing in Florida Courts

Log-in to E-Portal (must have attorney log-ins) at https://www.myflcourtaccess.com/ Next screen you are going to put in the county and case number. Click next after you have located you case. The following screen will have every party involved in the case listed. Verify that all parties are correct and that you […]