Preserving Gmail for Dummies

I posted here a year ago laying out a detailed methodology for collection and preservation of the contents of a Gmail account in the static form of a standard Outlook PST.  Try as I might to make it foolproof, downloading Gmail using IMAP and Outlook is tricky.  Happily since my post, the […]


Before I limited my law practice to work for courts and counsel, I was a trial lawyer working for contingent fees.  For 20+ years, I never charged for an hour of my time.  I funded the cases, did the work and was paid only if I recovered damages for my […]

Pilcrow and Thorn. That 70’s Cop Show, Right?

I’ve lately been immersed in the minutiae of load files while trying to complete a primer on forms of production and craft a load file exercise for the workbook students will use in the upcoming Georgetown E-Discovery Training Academy. By the way, there’s still time to register for the ultimate e-discovery […]

Revisiting ‘How Many Documents in a Gigabyte?’

I once wrote a column titled “Page Equivalency and Other Fables.”  It lambasted lawyers who larded their burden arguments with bogus page equivalencies like, “everyone knows a gigabyte of data equates to a pile of printed pages that would reach from Uranus to Earth.”  We still see wacky page equivalencies, […]

Good Questions!

Digging into the digital mail bag (there’s a skeuomorph for you), I received a series of thoughtful questions from a reader ready to dip his toes into the bracing waters of native production but harboring some of the same nagging concerns others raise when they ponder how to integrate native production […]

Acrobat to the Rescue: Searching Unsearchable Productions

In a perverse irony, lawyers often ‘brag’ about how little they know about information technology; but in situations where admitting confusion could help them, they clam up.  Abraham Lincoln said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”  But with respect […]

What is Native Production for E-Mail?

Recently, I’ve weighed in on disputes where the parties were fighting over whether the e-mail production was sufficiently “native” to comply with the court’s orders to produce natively.  In one matter, the question was whether Gmail could be produced in a native format, and in another, the parties were at […]

Eight Tips to Quash the Cost of E-Discovery

[If this post seems a bit more basic than my usual in-the-weeds blather, it’s because this is taken from a CLE article I wrote for an upcoming panel discussion on “E-Discovery on a Budget.”  I’m particularly pleased with tips 7 and 8, and hope you’ll please share some of your own […]

Is Google Docs Secure Enough to Store Client Files?

A colleague posed the question, “Is Google Docs Secure Enough to Store Client Files?”  I shared my two cents and thought maybe some readers might be wondering the same thing.  I replied: “That question has been debated almost as long as the web has been around.  I’m not sure if you […]